Last Friday, I was planting some flowers in the backyard, and saw a cottontail visitor among the regulars, squirrels and birds, for the first time. The bunny seemed quite oblivious to me photographing and filming as he* ate his supper and ran around in joy.

I kept going back to see him, and noticed a neighborhood cat lurking in the backyard. I held my breath, and so did the smart bunny. He stood absolutely still (see the picture below) until the kitty exited the yard. *phew*

a cottontail on the lawn

a neighborhood cat leaving the backyard

There are two different kinds of cottontails in the northeast region; New England cottontail and Eastern Cottontail. The difference, the experts say, are hard to distinguish one from the other, but the number of the former species is declining upon losing their preferred habitats, young forests called thickets. Here’s more information on New England cottontails.

Judging from the location, this bunny is most likely an Eastern cottontail, who has a better ability to detect a predator with bigger eyes and slightly longer ears.

In any case, I hope the bunny stick around in the backyard. He’s welcome to all the edible herbs and flowers I’ve planted.

cottontail eating my campanula flowers

* I saw a gesture by this bunny which made me think it’s a buck…but I’m not certain.