I love having wild animals around, and I love gardening. Sometimes “my” squirrels also like to garden, well, they like to dig and store their food in my pots and flowerbeds. They don’t mean to mess up my flowers, I’m sure. I’ve been thinking how I can protect my young transplants from squirrel-ly hands, and came up with some great ideas. I’d like to share them with you (^^)/


Georgie follows me around when I garden (^^)

Earlier this spring, I crushed some dried hot peppers and sprinkled them around the transplants. They worked… until it rained and diluted the “hotness” of the peppers. I had to keep re-applying more hot peppers.


..sprinkled some crushed hot peppers to deter squirrels (^_-)

Then an “aha!” idea popped into my head — to use plastic net bags in which organic lemons (or avocados) come from the supermarket. I’ve always felt bad about buying these produce in such containers that I couldn’t properly recycle, so I’ve been saving them aside in hopes to use them for something. Anyway, they work beautifully; they adopt to fit around the large pots as well as the small ones, and “my” squirrels don’t touch the nets!

net over pots 3143

The best solution so far…


Got any nuts for me??

After the plants grow, I can remove them and reuse them. Now I can buy those produce quite happily, knowing that I’m not just throwing their nets away!

Oh, don’t worry, the squirrels can still dig and plant their acorns in the flowerbed, and I left some pots without the nets for them to roll around and take mud baths.

Trevor's mudbath

Mud baths are the best!

Happy gardening!