Thyme has been in full bloom in the garden, and I noticed a couple of pretty iridescent green flies hard at work, going from flower to flower.


Petite iridescent green fly on thyme flower


Another petite iridescent green fly on thyme flower

I didn’t know some flies preferred flower nectars! That means they are also pollinators. The discovery made my day. (^^)v

Among the most beneficial bugs of the garden, I like spiders. Most of them moves away as I weed, but my favorite are orb weavers. I used be afraid of spiders, which turned out to be just another fear of unknown. As I learned more about them, I’ve come to appreciate them more.

The hydrangea is next to the front entrance of our house, and it’s really nice to have a garden orb weaver to catch mosquitos.

Speaking of mosquitos, dragonflies also eat them! Their larvae eat mosquito larvae in water, too. Fantastic creatures! I love how they look at us in all curiousness.



What are your favorite bugs?