Funny how the phrase, “Fat chance” has no chance at all, but a “slim chance” holds on to a tiny hope… So for that slim chance of winning a merit badge, I entered 20 of my pictures to the National Wildlife Federation’s photo contest 2012. I’d like to share some of them here.

Here are the familiar faces of the backyard.

Vote for me! Please (^ -)~☆

Vote for me, too! Please (^ⅴ^)/

I haven’t got a clue why they call me Thurston, but look at my beautiful plumage!

Nuts, I mean, votes please! :p

Some of the most memorable wildlife encounters…

I won’t bite if you vote for me (°ー°)~♪

I think the Charles River is getting cleaner…

Hold on a second, honey, I think we’re being watched…

‘Twas a perfect ending to a wonderful hike in the woods that day \(^^)/

Well, thank you for viewing (and possibly voting for) my photos! Each of  the above images are linked to the NWF pages (where you can vote ;)). For the rest of my 20 pictures I’ve entered, please visit my page at the NWF website. Thanks again. xoxo