Global warming or not, Boston has been very hot this summer. As it is winding down, we’ve been having a glorious weather! Time for a long walk in the urban woods.

So we headed to the Olmsted Park in Boston for a late afternoon walk. The architect, Frederick Law Olmsted, who gained a reputation for creating the Central Park in New York City, designed the Olmsted Park (used to be called Leverett Park) in 1870. The park has three ponds, Ward Pond, Jamaica Pond and Leverett Pond. We visited first two ponds.

Spotted a beautiful blue dragonfly at the Ward Pond. My favorite bug!

The park is home to many wildlife, and that’s one of the reasons I like this place. Last time we saw several turtles basking on a driftwood in the pond. This time, beautiful blue dragonflies were busy depositing eggs into the water.

Blue dragonfly busy dropping eggs into the water. You can barely see its wings as they’re moving so rapidly.

Painted Turtles basking on a driftwood in Ward Pond (pic from previous visit)

Ward Pond is the smallest one at the Olmsted Park.

Moving along to the Jamaica Pond, we encountered a school of Canada geese mowing the grass. One of them had a neck band. I have no idea what it means.

Canada geese at Jamaica Pond.

Here’s the Boston’s own Jamaica Pond, just as pretty as the famous Walden Pond a little west of the city. We’re very lucky to have a beautiful place like this near by.

Jamaica Pond, Boston

Jamaica Pond, Boston

Almost completing walking around the pond, there were some ducks. As soon as I stopped walking, they came over to me as if I had food for them. “Sorry ducks, I don’t think we’re allowed to give you snack.”

Curious duck at Jamaica Pond.

On the way back to where we parked the car, I spotted a couple of cottontails! Both of the rabbits quickly ran for cover as I saw them, but I managed to capture one in my camera.

Look! A bunny!!

Then saw a chipmunk. After playing hide and seek for a minute, the li’l buddy was just too curious and came out to see what I was up to… “Click!” “Got you!”

Playful chipmunk

It was a fruitful walk. Perhaps every creature there is making the most out of the fading summer. Hope you all have a great rest of the summer!