Sterlings and house sparrows feeding

Birds feeding in the backyard on Sunday after Blizzard Nemo

Whoever named it, Nemo that assaulted New England was no small fish. Allegedly, we got 26 inches in Boston, which was almost record breaking. Cambridge must have gotten more. The snow accumulation was pretty severe, we couldn’t even open the door until a kind neighbor dug our front door. (Who’s bright idea was it to have storm-doors that open outward?)

I made a snow squirrel

“The snow squirrel in the picture might appear bigger than it is”

I only saw a couple of birds high up in the tree tops on Saturday (2/9/2013), but flocks of different feathers gathered in the backyard on Sunday as one of our neighbors threw them a big piece of bread in the snow. How do they ride through a storm of this magnitude, I’m just in awe, birds are amazing. Maybe I should have sculpted a snow bird as well as the squirrel.

Here are some photos of several different species of birds, somewhat peacefully co-feeding in the snow.

A junco feeding in the snow

A junco saw it first *sorry ’bout the shot from behind*

3 sterlings

Starlings quickly descended…

pigeon joined the starlings

A pigeon joined the starlings!

Pigeon and starlings feeding in the snow

Com’ on guys, let me have a peck!

Starlings and house sparrows feeding

Starlings and house sparrows pecking at the bread

Mockingbird descended on the bread in the snow

Mockingbird came to have a peck

Mockingbird, house sparrow & starling

A female house sparrow joined the mockingbird to eat, but interrupted by a hungry starling

Junco and starling pecking at the bread in the snow

A junco join the hungry starling

Male house sparrow on my snow squirrel

Tristan, one of the regular house sparrows who come to feed in the backyard, perching on my snow squirrel – he wants sunflower seeds and peanuts

Of course, squirrels came to eat, too.

Georgie squirrel took some nuts & ran

Georgie, my freeloading squirrel, took the nut offerings & ran

Gigi squirrel says hello

I’m glad you were safe, Gigi squirrel. (She’s one of the little squirrels)

While putting together this post, a cardinal came by, singing a lovely song.

Cardinal on a high brance

Cardinals perched far away on a high branch across the yard

I’m so ready for spring! Aren’t you, too?