Massachusetts has many beautiful sanctuaries, parks and reservations. Mass Audubon’s Ipswich River sanctuary never fail to satisfy my love of wildlife. The very first encounter on that day (5/27/2013) were some beautiful damselflies, in bright blue and green!

Blue Damselfly

Blue Damselfly

Green Damselfly on my hand

Green Damselfly on my thumb!

Dragonflies and damselflies are sheer delight to me, especially when they perch on my hand. Funny how I was hoping to catch some wisteria blooms to photograph, but ended up spending much more time with these little guys near the ground under the wisterias. Alas, here are the wisterias. We could smell the bouquet as soon as we entered the sanctuary!

very tall wisteria

Very tall wisteria

Wisteria garden

Wisteria garden

White wisterias

White wisteria blooms

A small snake caught my eyes. A cute garter snake. As I got closer, it looked up.

Garter snake

Garter snake looked up…

Garter snake

You look marvelous! Lemme just take another picture of you

Moving along the trail, came across a beautiful big old maple tree. A happy tree that spreads its branches freely towards the sky.

Huge maple tree

I’m looking up a huge maple tree.

A pair of Carrion Beetles caught my attention on the steps.

Carrion beetles

Bug porn! lol Looks like these two carrion beetles are celebrating life!

Such a pleasant spring afternoon it was…

Canada geese family

Mom goose looks at me with her eyes saying, “Do you mind? I really need some beauty sleep!”

Oh, sorry! We didn’t mean to disturb you birds. Have a fantastic drowse!

Sleepy geese family

Sleepy geese family


So beautiful…

Scenic little bridge

Just lovely

A beaver swam by!


Look! A beaver!


..just as nice as any Monet paintings, if not better…

Rocky tunnel

It’s amazing that the inside of this tunnel stays cool even the hottest summer days.

When walking up the pass to the top of the tunnel, you’d hear the alarming buzzing sound of the bees, but they’re buzzing at the tree canopy and the sound is only amplified in the pass. At the top, there are usually chipmunks busy stuffing their cheeks.


A chipmunk’s cheeks are getting bigger!


Bright fuchsia colored azaleas in full bloom!

Red squirrel

Dinnertime for this red squirrel. She says, “I hope I don’t look too shabby, I’m between coats.”

Red winged blackbird

High up on a bare branch, a red-winged blackbird sings with a pretty voice.

Water iris

Love water iris flowers.

Ant on the stone bridge

An ant on the Stone Bridge. Nice place to live and work, really…

The Stone Bridge

Beautiful Stone Bridge!

A water scene

A lovely water scene… with the fallen pollen floating on the surface.

Spider's web

A orb-weaver’s web backlit by the evening sun… Hope it catches many mosquito!


“I see you!!! Can you see me?” Lovely sparrow across the water!

Mass Audubon Ipswich River

Back at the trail head (^^)/

A very nice walk. Thank you, Mass Audubon!