Something as simple as sending a Father’s Day email can be tricky, imposed by the time difference between Japan and the Eastern United States. Japan (where my parents live) is ahead 13 hours (while Day light saving is in effect), which means I have to be thinking ahead. I usually remember right up until a couple of days prior to the international day of importance. Yet, I ended up sending a belated (13-hour late!) Mother’s day message last month.

Timing is everything. Saturday night here (in Massachusetts) is Sunday morning in Japan. I set out to write a nice email to my father, but what to write…?

Last week, I was invited to a reception for the 2013 Resident Parking Sticker Photography Contest at the office of Mayor Davis in the Cambridge (MA) City Hall. My photograph was among the finalists. Thinking rather pretentiously, “what could be a better father’s day gift than a proud picture of me with Mayor Davis with my runner-up picture between us?!” I proceeded writing to my father with the below photo attached.

with Mayor Davis at Cambridge City Hall

with Mayor Davis at her office in Cambridge City Hall

It really was an honor meeting Mayor Davis and the other officials of the City Hall as well as the winner of the contest, Jeff Myers (↓ middle row, 2nd person from the right) and another runner-up, Peter Payack (top row, 3rd person from the right). It will brighten my “happy event diary” for sure. Thank you, Mayor Davis, for having us at your office!

At the mayor's office

Party at Mayor Davis’ office in the City Hall

I even got a personalized souvenir! (Please excuse my boasting 😉

Autographed souvenir

Thank you, Mayor Henrietta Davis, Richard Rossi, Leland Cheung, Susan Clippinger, and Lenore Lawrence for your autographs!

I will soon be submitting photos for the 2014 Parking Sticker Photo Contest (^^)/ What can I say…, I love Cambridge, MA.

My father email me back the next day that he was proud. Well, I hope to keep up the good work…