Last Saturday night, I watched another documentary about Monsanto titled, Seeds of Death – Unveiling the Lies of GMOs (yeah, pathetic, I know… on Sat. night? lol). At first, I was multitasking as I watched the film, thinking, “what more could I possibly learn about the GMO and biochemical industry?” Well, there was more. I took notes, and I want to share them with you.

What first got my attention was the fact presented by Jeffrey Smith, author of “Genetic Roulette”:

[RoundUp = Gryphosate]  Gryphosate was patented in 1964 as “broad spectrum chelator.”

If some Broad Spectrum Chelator is sprayed on a plant:

  • It hogs a lot of different essential minerals, and deprives the plant from accessing them
  • It destroys the beneficial micro-organisms in the soil which normally provide the nutrients to the plant
  • It promotes pathogenic organisms in the soil which then overrun the plant
  • Thus, it creates weaker plant, stronger disease, and the disease kills the plant

It sounds like an absolutely horrifying stuff to be using on any plants.

Let’s look at the genetically modified (GM) soy, for example. The DNA of the soy is modified with a bacterium gene that withstand Gryphosate (aka RoundUp), so it can be sprayed with RoundUp. Here’s the catch: Since RoundUp is “broad spectrum chelator,” it robs the nutrients out of the GM soy and weakens the plant when it is sprayed.

Ok, so you don’t eat much soy, you say… That’s good. Do you eat steaks? Cheeseburgers, perhaps? How about grilled cheese sandwiches? Stay tuned. It concerns you, too.

Jeffrey Smith also points out, “One of the large livestock in the United States eat largely the RoundUp ready crops; RoundUp ready soy, corn, cottonseed, canola mush, sugar beet pulp, and soon alfalfa.” The cows are fed with GM meals, which are less nutritious and sprayed with RoundUp, a powerful herbicide.

Herbicide is a toxin. Toxins can bio-accumulate (buildup) in animal and their milk, which makes the animals weak and sick. Another speaker in the film talked about the strange deaths of sheep that ate GM cotton plants.

So, even if you don’t eat Edamame, which is a young green soy beans, or tofu, chances are, that you’re most likely accumulating some Glyphosate (RoundUp!) in your body via consuming meat, dairy or other products from those animals. We also share many genes with plants (currently reading a fascinating book, “What A Plant Knows” by Daniel Chamovitz), so who knows what kind of damage (gene mutation, people!) Glyphosate can cause in our bodies.

There you have it.

I’ll stick with #Non-GMO, organically grown foods.

Cows at Appleton Farm

“No GM feed please.”


BTW, I looked up “chelates” and the following was the easiest for me to understand. “Many essential biological chemicals are chelates. Chelates play important roles in oxygen transport and in photosynthesis.”