I’m no expert in photographing zoo animals, but here are some of my tricks to get satisfying results.

Stone Zoo New England is a relatively small zoo, but houses some of my favorite animals.

Roadrunners have such stunning plumage, funny looks and movements, I hurry to their enclosure every time.


A roadrunner fluffs up his crown feathers as if to say, “here’s my good side, make me look pretty!”

The cage grids are pretty tight, but luckily, I could extend my arms to get close to the grid openings to capture this beautiful and inquisitive bird without the obstacle. It requires a little patience, waiting for the bird to be in a good position for the picture, but the result is well-worth it.

It’s easier if the bird is away from the cage. You can zoom in through the grid openings.


Showing off his (her?) beautiful plumage.

The black bear enclosure has a glass viewing area, and all I do is to wait for the bear in the position where reflection is minimal.

bear cools down in the pool

Bear cools down in the pool.

My mid-range camera has a “dusk light” setting, so I tried it. Best to use a tripod, but if the subjects stay still, the pictures come out good enough without it for my personal photo albums.

fruit bats hanging out

I close my eyes as I enter the fruit bat exhibit to quickly adjust my eyes to the darkened room.

2 fruit bats

Tried a little close up of the fruit bats.

When I can’t get close to the cage to shoot through the openings, I zoom in for the best possible shot. Thus, the extreme close-up! Her name is Chessie.

Chessie the jaguar

She was sleeping on her side, but when I called her name, she awoke and looked up briefly!

Sometimes Chessie hangs out in front of the glass viewing area, and here’s one from 2 years ago.

Chessie the jaguar 2011

Chessie is blowing raspberries… 😛

Of course, I don’t miss an opportunity to photograph a wild bunny resident in the zoo ground.

cottontail rabbit

Look! A Bunny!

It was a pleasant surprise to find a room full of budgies! I hate to use flash light, so some photos have motion blurr, but I kinda like the effect.


A zoo staff was training them to take food from her hands.

budgies2 budgies3

A zoo staff was training them to take food from her hands.

budgie on my hand

..was ecstatic to have a budgie eat from my hand!!! Thanks for letting me try.

Is it jet-lagged? I read that Koalas sleep at least 18 hours a day.

sleeping koala on a tree

Koala is not a bear. It’s an ever-napping marsupial.

Flamingos are gorgeous subjects. I waited for one of them to stretch their wings.


“Look at me, I’m gorgeous!”


(「私を見て!」って、白鳥じゃないけど…^^; )

This next one is from 2 years ago, and still my favorite flamingo shot of all time.

flamingos 2011

Don’t these two birds look like gossiping about the world economy or something? lol

Sushi, the river otter is always running around like a jack russel terrier on RedBull, and is quite a challenge to get a clear shot. Again, it takes nothing but patience, waiting for him to come into my picture.

Sushi the river otter

Sushi is his name.

Sushi the river otter swimming

Sushi is even faster in the water!

Again, I opted to zoom in as close as possible to overcome the cage grids. You can see the wires faintly, but can get a pretty clear picture of cute babies!

Colubus Monkey babies

Colubus monkey had babies!

Colubus Monkey babies2

Colubus Monkey parent

When they look at me, I click.

Colubus Monkey family

Here, you can see what the exhibit looks like.

The crane enclosure had a fence with larger grids, and easier to shoot through the openings.


Red-Crowned Crane


The other red-crowned crane was standing on one leg, grooming.

It was getting close to the closing time. Last, but not the least, I love goats.

Happy Goat Lucky

Happy Goat Lucky – made my day!

Goats sleeping

Goats were sleeping. It was time to go.

It was a very fruitful zoo visit. (^^)/ Till next time.

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