Here’s my recipe of pretty convincing (if I may say so myself!) vegan egg salad sandwiches. It’s quick (takes about 15~20 minutes) and super easy!

1/3 Extra Firm Tofu
1/4 cup finely chopped sweet onion
3 TBSP finely chopped celery
2~3 TBSP hummus
1 TBSP Dijon mustard
A few sprigs chopped cilantro
A dash turmeric (for color)
A dash black pepper
A dash paprika

1) Cut the tofu into 4 thin slices, place them on flat, side by side on the cutting board. Place a smaller cutting board on top and squeeze & drain the excess liquid out of tofu. Crumble them with your hand in a bowl.

2) Add all the other ingredients; finely chopped onion, celery, cilantro, hummus, Dijon mustard, turmeric, black pepper, & paprika; and mix with a spoon.

3) Spread the mix on slices of bread (I used rye bread, and added a few baby spinach). Enjoy eating them!

Bon appétit!