Lavender cover

Squirrels and birds are fed and lavender is covered just in time for snow to start.

Growing up in Tokyo and Yokohama, where winter is mild and snow is sporadic, New England winter is always a challenge for me, no matter how many years I’ve lived here. It’s amazing to see wildlife thriving so well all around us.

That includes a lavender plant, which I got when we moved to this condo a few years ago. It survived its first winter in a large pot. The following spring, I planted it in the flowerbed, and it endured two more winter, one of which was a remake of the blizzard of ’78 and the whole yard was completely covered with several feet of snow until April.

This winter, I decided to make a winter cover for my lavender.

I wanted something that looks good in the flowerbed when not covered by snow. Something that looks better than an upside-down bucket and has a sound structure.

Through many years of rescuing countless house rabbits, I once made a rabbit cage out of wire cube shelving.  Hmm… that might work well. Plus the fact there were some left in the basement. I used the plastic cable-ties rather than the bulky connectors that come with the shelves. After a cube structure is made (with the bottom open), I covered it with 0.3mm-thick heavy clear plastic sheet.

Et voila!

Lavender cover

Made a lavender cover just in time for the first snow in Cambridge MA.

An origami technique comes in handy at a time like this (^_-) The triangle fold on each sides made it look even better than I expected. I rushed outside to set place it over the lavender.

As the snow started to stick on the frozen ground, it achieved the look in the flowerbed I envisioned.

snow started...

Snow started to accumulate on the flowerbed on Friday evening.

It snowed all day Saturday, and everything was completely white by Sunday morning. We had a few hours of sunshine on Monday, but don’t let the picture fool you, it was below freezing all day! My wild *pet* squirrel, Georgie, seemed grateful.

Georgie Squirrel in the sun

Georgie Squirrel soaking up the sun after a day of snow.

You may already know about #GeorgieSquirrel who comes to get her daily snacks from the older posts here or on Twitter. She lets me pet her for some gourmet nuts.

The sunshine didn’t last very long, and we got another foot of snow on Tuesday. Now, the lavender cover is completely buried.

snow-covered flowerbed

Two snow showers heavily blanketed the flowerbed.

It’s holding up well. I bet some small critters are taking refuge inside of it.

temporary birdbath

Due to much snow, birds are using the temporary birdbath, which is open daily to all wildlife till sunset.

*My* sparrows came rushing to the temporary birdbath on the porch. They love it, because it’s warm water, so that it doesn’t get frozen right away in subzero temperatures.

Georgie Squirrel 2

My faithful wild *pet* comes rain or shine.

As for Georgie, no snowstorm will stop her from dining well. I hope the lavender will survive another New England winter.

lavender and critters

It plays an important role in the flowerbed; Georgie approves. Yes, the bumblebee is sleeping.

Winter has just began, but I’m already dreaming of spring…

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