Saturday (12/21/2013) was winter solstice, but the daytime temperature soared as high as 12°C/54°F and mostly sunny in the Boston area. We had to take this gift and go hiking! As a matter of fact, I got myself a pair of new winter boots recently, and have been itching to try them out in the snow-covered trails.

As usual, we grubbed some sandwiches and tea, and drove to Weir Hill Reservation, one of the Trustees of Massachusetts places. This is the third time to hike up Weir Hill since early November this year. Lately, we just can’t seem to get enough of the place. It is gorgeous.

Ascending Weir Hill

Going up the hill – photo taken on the last hike (12/7/2013)

Weir Hill top

Afternoon sun hitting Weir Hill – on winter solstice (12/21/2013)

Approaching the hill top, I saw a pine branch lying on the snowy ground. I picked it up before I could rationalize doing so. It looked too pretty to leave it behind, so I decided to take it home.

Lake Cochichewick

Partially frozen Lake Cochichewick looked beautiful in milky powederly blue/gray in dusk. (12/21/2013)

Lake Cochichewick 2

Lake Cochichewick of Weir Hill (12/21/2013)

Walking in the fresh snow resembles walking in the sand at beaches. Each step felt like such a good exercise for the legs! It felt good.

When you’re feeling good, good things just seem to take place on their own. I was subconsciously collecting more fallen pine branches along the trails before I knew why. Then I had a light-bulb moment.

Why don’t I make a holiday wreath with these?! I picked up as much as one hand can carry, which I later found out to be just enough for a small wreath.

Weir Hill trail juncture

Weir Hill trail by Lake Cochichewick (12/21/2013)

It took me a good couple of hours to make a wreath. I’ve used a circular wire frame which used to belong to a lampshade. The saps from the branches made my hands sticky, but its sweet aroma was enchanting.

making a wreath

These pine branches smells sooooo good.

A simple and rustic (and slightly Charlie Brown like) holiday wreath, is it not? My first fresh handmade wreath! Well, I love it so much better than the fake Christmas wreath for sure! (I don’t think I can ever go back to plastic ones… lol)

Merry Xmas

Just in time for Christmas!

Oh, by the way, here’s a picture from an early November hike, that got us hooked to Weir Hill.

Weir Hill in late autumn

A view from Weir Hill in autumn – a classic New England scene (11/10/2013)

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season!

I’m hoping for a warm New Year… (not too warm to cause the global climate crisis though ^_-)

feeling the moment

(Loving my new boots!) (12/21/2013)

### END ##