‘Twas New Year’s Eve 2013, I noticed a tiny bud on my lemon tree that took residence next to the kitchen table during winter. So ecstatic, I searched if there were any more, and there were several, and three of which looked plump and very promising.

Lemon flower buds found!

Tweeted my excitement of discovering flower buds on my lemon tree!

I call it *my* tree, because I grew it from a seed several years ago.

The very first flower opened the day before yesterday (1/14/2014). I rejoiced.

First lemon blossom

Very first lemon flower!!!

This lemon blossom got me to go through thousands and thousands of photos I’ve taken over the course of several years last night, searching for any photo records of my lemon tree. Although, I had a pretty good idea when I started growing it.

If someone asks me if I collect anything, it would be photo records of many things I observe. Squirrels, birds, neighborhood cats, weeds, constructions, bugs, trees, flowers, homegrown vegetables, herbs, colors of skies, shadows and reflections, etc. etc. Common things, I assume, but I love “catching moments” in this ever-changing world. Something drives me to do it, almost unconsciously (Consciousness only takes charge when I have to be careful not to disturb something or someone). Once, I observed a beautiful arboreal orb weaver (orb weaving tree spider) that took residence right outside of the kitchen window where I had a plant light for a few months. That’s for another time…

World wide web, however, didn’t shed much light in the care and prospect of a seed-grown lemon tree in a large pot. Although I grew it as an ornamental house plant, I wanted to find out a possibility of growing fruits. I haven’t found any fellow gardeners who grew lemon trees from seeds that bear flowers or fruits.

In any case, the record shows that the lemon seedlings emerged in May 2006. It’s been almost eight years. Now I’m rekindling my hope for a fruit. A homegrown lemon would really make my year! Since there’s no bees to pollinate, I did use a cotton swab to mimic their action. We’ll see what happens…

Lemon seedlings emerged

May 2006: Lemon seedlings in a 6-inch pot next to nasturtiums.

I also found a picture of the 2-year-old sapling among other potted plants in the sun.

Lemon sapling

August 2008: Look how small it was! Now it’s over 5 feet tall!

Here are other photos of my lemon tree, which is shared and enjoyed by many wildlife.

young lemon tree

4-year-old lemon tree next to Norma Croton, my favorite houseplant by the south facing window.

Georgie Squirrel and lemon tree

*My wild pet* Georgie Squirrel and lemon tree

lemon 2010 to 2012

L to R: It grew to be about 4 ft tall in 2010, lost a lot of leaves in 2011 because I left it outside late into December, but bounced back in 2012.

Lemon tree repotted

Repotted into a larger pot in October 2012

Tyler and Gigi with lemon tree

Young squirrels, Tyler and Gigi often visited the tree. Notice the reused plastic nets to discourage them from digging!

House sparrow in the lemon tree

Since I painstakingly removed all the thorns on the tree, *my* li’l birds can come perch on it.

House sparrows in the lemon tree

Love these li’l house sparrows in my lemon tree!

Conifer Beetle in the lemon tree

Conifer Beetle in the lemon tree, saying “hello!”

Bumble bee sleeps on the lemon tree

One late evening in April 2013, I noticed a bumble bee sleeping on the tree I took inside for the night. I carefully cut off the branch, and gave the bee a plastic cup accommodation for the night. He took off happily the next day when it was warm enough.

Georgie Squirrel checks out my lemon tree

Curious Georgie checks out my lemon tree.

The second flower opened on my lemon tree

The second flower opened this evening (1/16/2014).

That wraps it up. Thank you for your interest in my lemon tree! If you have any questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Thanks!

###   END   ###