First lemon flower

First lemon flower

It was sunny and nice yesterday (1/17/2014), I took some more photos of lemon flowers. This time, with a slightly better camera than iPhone. (^^;

ICYMI (In case you missed it), here’s the earlier post, “Holy Crap! There’s a flower bud on my lemon tree!”

Close up of the first lemon flower

A close up of the first lemon blossom; it smells wonderful.

Another close up of the first lemon flower

Another close up of the first lemon flower; it smells like Neroli (bitter orange blossom).

Third flower ready to open

Third flower bud is ready to open any moment now!

Why did I skip the second flower? Sadly, it fell off the tree soon after it opened.

Lemon tree 2014

Lemon tree enjoys the sun by the kitchen door.

When I found the first flower scattered on the kitchen table, I frantically searched where the flower once was on the tree to confirm what I saw. The limitation of a potted plant? I wish I knew…

Fallen flower

This is how I found the first flower this morning…

Not much I can do about it now, can’t I? There are still two more that I know of.

Could it have been a deed of spider mites? The close up photo did show some spider mites. That’s one of the peskiest pest for young house plants. Only way to keep the damage minimal is to hose the plant down. I’ve taken plants like Norma Croton in the shower, but the lemon tree is just too big now to handle. So, I did the next best thing; misting vigorously.

4th flower bud

When I took a close-up picture of the smallest flower bud (4th one) yesterday, it revealed some spider mites. I gently sprayed some water right away!

Just took this photo (below) of the forth flower bud. I don’t see any spider mites. *phew*

4th lemon flower bud

The baby flower bud seems to be okay. I hope it flowers…

Oh, and the third one still hasn’t opened.

3rd lemon flower bud

I’m getting impatient for the third one to open since the first two have fallen off the tree.

It sounds crazy, but I found myself talking to the third lemon flower bud earlier today, “I’m counting on you! Please fruit!”

I’ll keep you posted.

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