cooking asparagus

Boiling asparagus in a frying pan works for me.

I hear that asparagus should be kept upright, and there are some special cookwares just for them, but the frying pan method works for me. Cooking will halt the tips from bending (growing). Btw, I do keep them upright in the fridge door next to the beverages until the cooking time. (^^)/

Just 4 minutes. If cooked any longer, the thick bottom end of the asparagus gets tough, and loses crispness. Here is to clarify: After putting the washed (& bottom trimmed) asparagus in the boiling pot of salted water, I wait until the water boils again, then set timer for 4 minutes.

Ah, et voilà!

Cooked asparagus

Freshly cooked asparagus – I wish you could see the steam!

They taste good just as they are, or lightly salted with sea salt. Or homemade ponzu (lemon soy sauce mix I concoct every week that makes everything taste great!) drizzled over them, or with hummus. I used love mayo, but no more, because I’ve learned that eggs have health consequences as do other animal proteins.

Another thing, after trial and errors, is I find that cooking the whole bunch of asparagus at once works well. The fresh ones go stale in the fridge so quickly, and I love having left overs I can snack on later when I get hungry again.

how I save cooked asparagus

Here’s how I save asparagus for later.

As an environmentalist, I stopped using plastic wraps, saran wraps or the likes, years ago. Instead, I use and re-use plastic zip bags. I wish I can forego all plastic things, but it’s not practical at this point. I do have glass containers, too. Just don’t have a large enough one for asparagus! It’s a work-on-progress to stir away from plastic food storage.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, btw, I have another lemon update. Please stay tuned!

P.S. Plural form of the noun, asparagus, is either asparagus or asparaguses, according to Wikitionary.

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