Doing dishes with foamed soap

Doing dishes using dispensed foam soap

It’s been a few years since we’ve been using the foaming soap dispensers in the bathroom sinks. They’re great in two ways. It’s gentler to the hands and to the environment, because the dispensed foam contains less soap, which it washes off with less water.

But wait, here’s the third reason why I like it. It’s very economical. In other words, cheap to refill them. After reading what others have shared and posted online, I came to a conclusion that mild liquid dish soap may be the best choice.

environmentally friendly liquid dish soap

I wonder how long this giant-sized liquid dish soap will last… lol We still haven’t put a dent in it since purchasing it from Costco more than a year ago. I know because we haven’t renewed the membership since October 2012.

It takes about 1~2 tablespoon(s) of liquid soap per dispenser. Then, I fill it with water about 80% full. Place the pump lid back on, and give it a gentle swirl. That’s it. Easy peasy.

My brain started thinking; if I’m refilling with the dish soap, why don’t I use it for washing dishes as well…?!

We started using it for dishes. To our delight, it doesn’t drip! No more cleaning up the soapy mess by the kitchen sink. Since the foam already contains water, no more running water while soaping up the dishes! (I think our water bill went down a little. I recommend soaking dishes prior to washing for a few minutes for the best result.)

Using foamed soap for dishes

My husband, the main dishwasher, approves the foamed soap for dishes! (We use the other Whirlpool dishwasher for drying dishes for the most part ^^)

Most liquid soaps for dishes nowadays say “super concentrated,” which means we only need to use about a pea-sized amount, but most of us probably still use more, like what we’ve been used to, concentrated or not. Detergent makers made the bottle smaller as well. So, if we don’t alter our usage, we’d end up using more soap than necessary. That’s what the makers were counting on, perhaps. Shame on them for potentially tricking us to waste more soap, which is bad for both the environment and our wallets.

Btw, I don’t recommend the antibacterial soaps. They contain a toxic substance called Triclosan, which was originally being used for surgeons.

Just wanted to share my small finding with you. Thanks for reading!

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