Lemon is my favorite citrus fruit alongside grapefruit and clementine (the Japanese call it “mikan”). I use lemon juice and zest in cooking everyday.

In the summer of 2006, I planted one of the lemon seeds on a whim. One of the seedlings became the 5-ft tree, now lives in the kitchen during winter. I love this tree. You can imagine my joy of having flowers this past few weeks was immense.

When the third flower opened before my very eyes last week (1/20/2014), I took a few shots.

lemon flower closeup

This one is taken with iPhone without flash. Not bad for a smartphone cam (^^)b

lemon flower

The fully opened 3rd lemon flower

lemon flower from top

From the top angle – it resembles a jasmine flower

lemon flower No3

Without flash

The flower was short lived. On last Wednesday (that was the day when the polar vortex returned to the New England, and the high temperature of the day was 16°F/-9°C), upon returning home in the late afternoon, I found the fallen flower on the kitchen table.

fallen lemon flower

Fallen flower on the kitchen table

Maybe it was a tall order for the out-of-season lemon flowers to fruit. The smallest flower bud on the tree was also nowhere to be found.

the emerging lemon flower bud

You can see how small it was. Only about 2 mm or so.

Tiny lemon flower bud

I thought it was doing alright…

Well, I’m thinking this is just the beginning. I’m sure the tree will bear flowers again, perhaps in the right season. Both the tree and I just have to hang in there until spring comes…

Hope I get to report some positive updates on my lemon tree soon. Thanks for reading.

Oh, by the way, a grapefruit seedling that emerged last summer (2013) is doing quite well at the foot of the lemon tree. We’d need a house with a conservatory pretty soon! lol

grapefruit seedling

Grapefruit seedling looking pretty healthy.

P.S.  Both lemon and grapefruit plants have thorns. I don’t recommend them for indoor plants unless you’re willing to maintain (clip them) for your and your loved ones’ safety.

###   END   ###