Ah, spring… my favorite season of all. It’s officially here as cherry blossoms are here!

Sakura (ornamental cherry) are in full bloom now in Boston/Cambridge. Hope you enjoy these photos.

cherry blossoms

Long awaited cherry blossoms had begun to open last week! (4/19/2014)

cherry blossoms by the Charles River

Cherry blossoms and buds along the Charles River (4/19)

The Pru and the Charles River

The Pru and the Charles River (4/19)

Lower river banks of the Charles is one of the prettiest spots for cherry blossoms in Cambridge, IMHO.

cherry trees along the Charles River, Cambridge MA

Cherry trees along the Charles River on the Cambridge side (4/25)

cherry blossoms and Boston skylines

Cherry blossoms and Boston skyline (4/25)

cherry blossoms by the Charles River, Cambridge MA

Cherry blossoms, almost full bloom! (4/25)

white cherry blossoms and MIT building

White cherry blossoms against one of the MIT buildings. (4/25)

cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms on the thick trunk of the tree (4/25)

Canada geese by the Charles River

Canada geese by the Charles River (4/25)

Weeping cherry blossoms and MIT building

Weeping cherry blossoms in front of Walker Memorial (MIT) building (4/25)

This weeping cherry in front of an open French door transports me to a scene of “Cherry Orchard” by Chekhov for some reason.

MIT school of architecture

MIT School of Architecture

Bionic rims - MIT

Bionic rims are displayed in the lobby of the School of Architecture building

bionic rims display - MIT

Wheel chair ramps lead to bionic rims display

Just as walking away from this magnificent building, we saw the bionics designer/MIT professor, Hugh Herr, walking into the building. We recognized him from the recent TED talk, in which he invited the dancer with a bionic leg his team fitted, a Boston marathon bomb victim, to perform a dance. You wouldn’t even know he has two bionic legs himself just by seeing him walk.

My lemon tree

My lemon tree is enjoying the warm spring sunshine!

…and that’s Georgie Squirrel, my wild pet who comes to eat gourmet nuts every day. A small pot of Jasmine, Air plant, and a grapefruit seedling are at the base of the lemon tree. (Green onions, too!)


Georgie Squirrel is a girl squirrel (^_-)~☆  (Georgie is a nickname for Georgianna)

tulips near Central Sq Cambridge, MA

Colorful tulips by the corner of Main St and Portland St. Cambridge, MA (4/26)

(All taken with iPhone. It takes pretty good photos, doesn’t it?!)

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a superb spring, friends!

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