Late last night, I made another batch of the vegan BlackBean Burgers, using the leftover Cuban BlackBeans. I think I made some improvement.

New & improved vegan BlackBean Burgers!

This time, the mushed mixture was too moist, so I’ve mixed in the vital wheat gluten flour a few teaspoons at a time until it was a soft burger consistency. It helped to hold the burger together better while eating.

The parchment paper is a must. Very sticky and messy without it. Also I recommend using two scraping spachelers.

I also added some ground sage, which gave a meaty aroma enough to satisfy 50% of our taste senses (the smell is a big factor of our taste satisfaction!).

Vegan BlackBean Burger with Daiya slice & sautéed onion+carrotTop, Dijon mustard+ketchup

Here’s a vine video loop.

Here’s the vegan BlackBean burger recipe in my previous post.

Happy cooking & eating!