Last week, I made this banana bread. It was soooo delicious. I made it again.  

Fresh-out-of-oven vegan banana bread

I followed this VeganRicha recipe I found online, which looked easy enough for an inexperienced baker like me.

I did make a few alterations.

  1. Used 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce instead of the grated apple.
  2. Used cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips.
  3. Omitted the added sugar. Instead, I add a dollop of coconutMilk whipped cream when eating.

Like this…mmm… After toasting the slices in the toaster oven for a few minutes to warm up & crisp the edges, I drop a scoop of coconutMilk whipped cream, which makes it so heavenly! 

Oh, a quick note about cinnamon. According to Dr. Greger, the founder of & the author of “How Not To Die,” Ceylon cinnamon may be the safer cinnamon to use (if you’re a heavy user). I still use the other cinnamon if I’m using a dash here and there on soy latte, but when I use more than a teaspoon, I grab the Ceylon kind, which to me seems to add more subtle flavor and I love it.

Here’s a vine video.

Happy cooking & eating!

P.S. Our rescued epicurean vegan rat loves this banana bread!