She’s 9 years old. 10 this summer. She’s blooming right now, and her perfume fills our small townhouse. 

Isn’t she lovely?!


I’m in the room above the kitchen where she is during winter, but I smell her sweet odor as if she’s in the same room! More fragrant at night, like jasmine flowers.

First lemon flower 2016

I overjoyed when I found the flowerbuds on the tree for the first time. It was the end of 2013, and the first flower opened on January 14th 2014. (I posted a few updates in January 2014. She flowered again in summer.)

She provides privacy during warmer seasons, acting as an elegant green screen between our kitchen door and the alleyway. I think she loves the location, the south side of the house & protected from the north wind. When we moved here, she was shorter than me, but now she’s the tallest of all.

The little birds (house sparrows) love her, too. I painstakingly remove all the thorns, so the birds don’t get hurt.
A lemon or two would be nice, but being related to yuzu (ęŸšå­), a popular Japanese citrus for its zest, which is said to bear fruits only after 18 years into maturity, I may have to be patient.

LemonTree lives in the kichen during winter.


Fifteen flower-buds this time. The first one opened last Thursday. Unfortunately, it fell after a few days. Eight are blooming at the moment. Really intoxicating. Almost too much for my hyper sense of smell.  

 Recent Vine loops of my lemon tree.

Lemon is my favorite culinary fruit, which I use everyday.

Also a great sore throat remedy!

Currently 8 blooming!

Thanks for viewing!